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Capturing Timeless Moments in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

In the kaleidoscope of life, moments come and go like fleeting whispers, leaving behind memories that linger in our hearts. What if you could freeze those moments, frame them, and relive the joy, love, and beauty whenever you wished? That's the enchantment a professional photo session brings into your life. Join us on a journey through the lens as we explore the transformative power of Proposal, Wedding, Love Story, Maternity, Family, Gender Reveal, Boudoir, Personal Branding, and Event Photo Sessions.



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We specialize in creating a customized experience for each family by tending to your needs and expectations.


Proposal Photo Sessions : A Symphony of Surprise
and Joy

A proposal is a magical moment, a crescendo of love and commitment. Our skilled photographers are adept at capturing the surprise, the raw emotion, and the unfiltered joy as your partner says 'Yes!' Every glance, every tear, every smile - we immortalize these precious seconds so you can relive the beginning of your forever.

Love Story Photo Sessions: Where Romance Takes Center Stage

Celebrate the unique journey of your love with a Love Story photo session. Whether it's re-creating your first date or capturing the everyday moments that make your relationship extraordinary, our photographers artfully curate images that reflect the depth of your connection.

Wedding Photo Sessions: Crafting Timeless
Love Stories

Your wedding day is a chapter in the epic love story of your life. Our photographers are not just documentarians; they are storytellers who weave your emotions into a visual masterpiece. From the nervous excitement to the tearful vows, our goal is to create images that transcend time, telling your love story for generations to come.


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Maternity Photography


Professional Headshots


Couple Photography



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"Alina of Authentic You Photography is incredible! We had a group of six rowdy adults and a baby and Alina took us to the beach to create the most amazing photos ever. She was kind and patient throughout. 1000% recommend."

Jimmy Z.

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"Great photography services, and loved all of the images!  Alina was prompt, selected a great location for our family photos and we will use her again!"

Kira H.

 Maternity Photo Sessions: Embracing the Miracle
of Life

Pregnancy is a fleeting yet profound experience. Our maternity photo sessions are a celebration of the incredible journey into parenthood. From the radiant glow to the tender moments between partners, we capture the essence of this beautiful chapter, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Gender Reveal: Unveiling the Joyful Secret

The anticipation, the excitement, the moment of revelation - a gender reveal photo session is a playful and heartwarming way to share the joy of impending parenthood with your loved ones. Our photographers ensure that this magical moment is captured with creativity and flair.

Family Photo Sessions: Creating Time Capsules of Togetherness

Families are like branches on a tree, growing in different directions yet connected at the roots. Our family photo sessions are a chance to freeze-frame the laughter, the chaos, and the love that defines your unique bond. Let us create timeless images that become treasured heirlooms for generations to come.

 Boudoir: A Celebration of Self-Love and Confidence

Boudoir sessions are an empowering journey of self-discovery and self-love. Our photographers create a safe and comfortable environment, capturing your beauty, strength, and confidence in a series of tasteful and elegant images that celebrate your unique essence.

Personal Branding: Elevating Your Professional Image

In the digital age, personal branding is crucial. Our personal branding photo sessions are tailored to showcase your authentic self, capturing the essence of your professional journey. Let your image speak volumes and leave a lasting impression on your clients and colleagues.

Event Photo Sessions: Transforming Moments into Memories

From corporate events to milestone celebrations, our event photo sessions ensure that every significant moment is documented with precision and creativity. Relive the atmosphere, the interactions, and the highlights through our expertly captured images.

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